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AMPXD online includes unlimited access to our entire movement education system, empowering you to create a personal wellness routine and movement practicefit for you!

Access to a private Facebook Group to connect with our co-founders, Marvin and Jessica. This group serves as an intimate movement community to help teach, encourage, and guide you toward better movement.

Lifelong movement is rooted in lifelong learning. As our understanding of movement expands, we will continually update and revise the site so you can become a stronger and more capable human.

STEP 1 : Screening & Assessing Breathing

Own your Breath
Reclaim your Movement

Breathing is vital to our overall health, athletic ability, and our sensation of safety. Inefficient breathing contributes to increased pain, increased anxiety, impaired balance and coordination, as well as restricted movement.

As a matter of fact, breathing is so important, it may be the sole reason you cannot perform specific exercises and experience pain with movement. Since the only place fitness comes before health is in the dictionary, breathing must take an important role in our health and fitness practices.

*This easily performed screen will identify dysfunctional breathing from improper breathing.
It's also embedded on the AMPXD site to monitor progress!

STEP 2 : Graded Movement Exposure

Movement Builds
From the Ground Up

We need support. We need connection. We need to feel safe in our own bodies before we can move. Moving from the ground up creates an element of safety, with support and stability, before moving on to more complex movements that are naturally more unstable. Graded exposure is key to understanding how to reduce pain and improve your mobility. Like many other ways to improve health, it's simple but not easy.


Supported Positions are when the spine is supported by an external source. Therefore, we do not need to intrinsically create spinal or core stability to move.


Suspended Positions are when the spine is suspended without external support. So, we must create spinal stability by bracing our core prior to moving.


Stacked Positions are when the spine is under a compressive load. In these potions, we must learn to control spinal movements as well as create intra-abdominal pressure to move well.

STEP 3 : Reestablish Functional Patterns

Movement Patterns
We Move Forward

Human development has a natural progression. From the moment we were born, movement was the only way we experienced and connected with the world. As we explored our environment, movements seemed spontaneous and erratic but patterns were starting to emerge. We practiced everyday to gain control over our movements. When we were strong, and stable, and confident, we took our first steps and started to move forward. We earn the right to progress up the functional ladder by demonstrating competency at each rung!


Crawling & climbing demonstrate single limb competency and coordination between the upper and lower body.


Walking and carrying demonstrate postural integrity under load, they tests how well we can maintain these positions under stress.


Jumping demonstrates our ability to produce power and how well we control gravitational forces to prevent non-contact injuries.


Running demonstrates impact control. It tests our ability recycle power and to store and reuse energy.

STEP 4 : Physical Self-Mastery

Mastering Flow
Kalos Sthenos

Using body-weight for the workout provides a great place to start for beginners and provides endless possibilities of progression for those who have been at it for a while. It shows ownership of the movement and can prepare you to handle higher intensity when you're ready.

One of the big mistakes we see with body-weight training is trying to grind through movements in an attempt to get in an intense workout. There’s a time and a place for intensity, but when you’re working on making movements flow smoothly and seamlessly, intensity won’t get you there, quality will. This is Kalos Sthenos: beautiful and effortless strength.


We use a 'switch' to mirror the same movement on the other side, however the initial movement and positions remain the same.


Transitioning takes us from one position to another fluidly, with grace and ease of movement. The location does not change, the movements do.


A journey takes us from our original location by using a switch or a transition along with locomotion and returning back to the starting position.

STEP 5 : Strength & Conditioning

KISS Workouts
Keep It Short & Simple

Know your limits and nudge them safely. These ready-made workouts are designed with our 80/20 rule in mind, where 80% of your movement practice is geared towards movement competency and 20% is aimed at improving your functional capacity. When nudging our limits, we like to keep things short and simple to maintain a high quality of skill during metabolic conditioning. These completely done for you workouts adhere to our F.I.T. principle of focused intentional training.

3 X 3

The 3 X 3, we pick 3 exercises to be linked together with a transitional movement. You complete 3 rounds, 3 minutes each, while continuing to transition or switch between the 3 movements for the duration of each round, resting 90-seconds between rounds. That’s 9-minutes of focused intentional training and only 15 minutes of your time!

5 X 5

The 5 X 5, we choose 5 exercises to be completed in a chain or complex for 5 repetitions per exercise and a total of 5 sets. Ideally there will be minimal to no rest between exercises, however we will rest until fully recovered between rounds. This strength building workout can be completed in as little as 30 mins, however it could take much longer depending on your current fitness level and how well you recover.

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